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The digitalpulser services. We are passionate about driving digital transformation. The digitalpulser services are known for and burn to deliver creative, cutting-edge and exceptional digital solutions and IT solutions. In addition, the heart of digitalpulser services also beats for campaigns, project work and monitoring. Because the factors of cost and benefit play an important role in our success, both for us and for our clients.


Our experts bring their many years of expertise to the strategy. We are also happy to work with your in-house experts. Speak to our friendly team.


Our know-how develops specifically, the active construction of your brand. This has the goal that your brand by a unique selling proposition stands out.


Through our years of experience in content production, we know how to address and reach your target audience. Speak to our friendly team.


As a branding and web agency, we help companies and brands drive their digital transformation and digital business. Speak to our friendly team.


Image design and PR is our greatest passion. Giving your brand the right and credible status is something we simply love. Speak to our friendly team.


We know from our own experience how important good project management is. That's why we put a special competition on it. Speak to our friendly Project Team. 

IT - Systemhouse

Digital Pulser services also include strong IT services. As an IT system house, we offer information technology for various industries that includes not only software products or hardware, but software systems together with the necessary hardware, i.e. ready-to-use complete IT solutions.


We Do
International Business

You can also talk to us about international enterprise campaigns and projects. We know our way around the world!

We have mastered the art of acceptance. As a strategic partner and thought leader based on industry research, relevant success stories and current consumer insights, we identify your unique position and pave the way to success with know – how and the will.

Distinctive, beautiful and full stakeholder acceptance. This is always our approach to exceptional branding. Even in difficult times or crisis situations, you can count on us.

Powerful storytelling moves. We’re experts in digital storytelling for high-profile brands. 20% of people read the text on a page, but 80% of people watch a video. In fact, it’s a pure miracle that you’re reading this right now. 65% of visual content, you will remember 3 days later. But your customers will always remember how we just made them feel entertained and informed.

Your customers deserve a stunning digital experience. We know that a business that is scalable, has few dependencies, is the best business. Whether it’s an enterprise-level e-commerce platform, a branded Amazon store, a real estate website, or a reality app, our work is designed for scalability, performance, and longevity. We develop with a mobile-first approach, following best practices for high performance. We emphasize simple and clear information architecture and create conversion-oriented websites with engaging interaction and a unique digital brand experience.

We simplify complexity and have the formula for brand success. We are analytical and data-driven strategists with smart minds. We have high standards and industry-leading expertise in SEO, SEM and email marketing.

Experience isn’t just the new luxury, it’s a necessity. We leverage our influential network to implement low-cost, high-impact tactics that increase brand awareness, create desire among industry leaders and key stakeholders, and lead to long-term partnerships, high awareness and brand loyalty.

From the initial brief to the creation of comprehensive architectural renderings, we create spaces that reflect our clients‘ detailed requirements. Whether for retail spaces, hotels, or multi-family buildings, we create spaces that inspire and spark conversations through immersive storytelling and sophisticated details. It’s high-impact design that creates long-lasting „aha“ experiences that leave you leaving your customers speechless.

A good project, should also have a good project management. A clear approach, milestones and cost control is just as important to us as all project staff. Therefore, it needs a professional project manager who keeps everything in view, even when things get stormy. 



  • Brand Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Story & DNA
  • Messaging & Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Content Planing
  • Developing Digital Strategy
  • Developing Media Social Strategy
  • Performance Marketing
  • SEO & SEM
  • Paid Media & Buying
  • Paid Social
  • Monitoring & Analytics
  • Digital Partnerships Contracts


  • Name Creation & System
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Brand Books & Guidelines
  • Art Direction
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Presentations & Toolkits
  • User Acquisition Models
  • Employee Branding
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Product Placement
  • Start - up Branding
  • Crisis Branding
  • Strategic Product Branding

Content Creation

  • D Motion Graphics
  • CGI ( Hyperreal Imagery/Video)
  • Advertising & Campaign
  • Editorials
  • E-Commerce
  • Social Media Content
  • Magazine Stories
  • Directing & Filming
  • Blog Articles
  • Photography
  • Creation Influencer Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Videos - Reels
  • Copywriting

Digital Environments

  • Website Developing
  • Website Design
  • Shopify & WordPress .....
  • Responsive Website
  • Website Content Refresh
  • E-Mail Template Design
  • UX / UI Design

Growth & Events

  • Top Editorial Placement
  • Press Work
  • Celebrity Seeding
  • Influencer Partnerships
  • Full-Event-Production
  • Strategic Collaborations
  • Private Members Club Consulting


  • Retail Design & Build-out
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Real Displays
  • Special Events
  • Large Space Graphics
  • Custom Wall Signage
  • Environmental Signage


  • Consulting, planning and conception
  • Analysis, evaluation and optimization
  • Programming, test and rollout
  • Migration, software maintenance and further development
  • Support on site
  • Turnkey IT solutions
  • SAP & ECM


Hmm.. Have you ever done a strategic IT Project with us? We understand SAP, Salesforce & ECM and everything in between.

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Course of Action


We answer your most frequently asked questions

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us directly. Our friendly team will be happy to help you. 

The cost of creating a professional website depends on the scope and the desired functionality of the site. However, the number of sub-pages and the desired quality determines the total amount. It is also important to know if you want us to provide the text and images for your website or if you want to take care of it yourself.

The time it takes to create a website depends on various factors. We expect a period of 2 weeks to 3 months. The duration can vary depending on how extensive the website is planned and also how quickly the customer approves individual design and development steps. Ultimately, the creation is influenced in particular by how busy the responsible agency is.

Since every agency claims to do the best work, you should orientate yourself on objective clues to be able to classify the performance of an agency. Important is the accessibility of the agency – how fast do you get a feedback? In addition, references provide information about which companies have trusted and worked with the agency in the past.

In any case, you should choose a personal meeting with the agency to see if the chemistry between them and the agency is right. In our view, size is not always decisive. Even individuals who have an agency can deliver fantastic work. However, with very small agencies and freelancers, you should always remember if they want to have long-term support, as of that makes sense.

Basically, the total amount of the maintenance cost of a website is composed of three parts: Once from the web hosting, then from the technical maintenance of the website, which includes maintaining the security of the website, and secondly from the expansion of the website in terms of design and images and videos.

A professional high performance web hosting usually has an approximate price of 30-90 € per month. The cost of technical maintenance per month, which should be relatively few hours, is calculated at about 200-300 €. If more service per month is needed, some agencies offer a full-service support flat rate – the so-called SLA, Service Level Agreement. These costs amount to about 1,000-1,500 €.

Web hosting is offered by some well-known providers such as 1&1, Strato, Hosteurope or Domainfactory. However, these large providers also have a disadvantage: they are designed for the masses, special requirements for web hosting are not taken into account here.

For example, if you want your website to run at high performance, because the loading time of a website is becoming increasingly important, specialized web hosting solutions from smaller providers are the better choice. Here, quality rather than quantity comes first. It is important to remember that a server is not used to its maximum capacity. Tip: Reputable providers never bring web hosting in-house.

Which CMS, i.e. content management system, one should use depends on the size of the website as well as the demands on the operation of the system. In itself, each CMS has its own advantages. If it is a very large website, Typo3 is an ideal CMS. Here it is to be used as a powerful tool, with which one can distribute user rights ideally. WordPress is strictly speaking a blog system and not a CMS. Since it is quite easy and intuitive to use, many people like to use it, so that it now has a market share of 62% as the leading system. We at digitalöpulser also use WordPress almost exclusively for our projects, which also benefits our customers.

A great advantage that WordPress offers as a CMS is its wide distribution and frequent use. So, if a supervising agency fails, there is a great chance to find a new agency that can quickly take up the support via WordPress. In addition, also due to the large community for WordPress, there are many free plugins and extensions. Our clients also benefit from using this CMS, as they can easily manage their website themselves if desired. Last but not least, the development of an internet presence with WordPress is mostly much cheaper than the development with the CMS Typo3.

Similar to people, the same applies to websites: Just looking beautiful doesn’t do much. After all, mere appearance is always a subject matter, while the effectiveness of the website can even be measured: Whether customers or clients are acquired via the website can be detected via so-called conversion tracking. Therefore, modern programming of the website with SCSS, HTML5, PHP as well as with current frameworks such as Bootstrap4 must also be implemented. This kind of quality unfortunately remains hidden for most clients, which is why a competitive comparison is difficult here.

Basically, we strongly advise against buying a template (a template) for small budget. These templates are almost exclusively developed abroad and consist of several modules and plugins, which is why they offer no transparency. That these modules will be further developed by the developer in the future cannot be guaranteed. In addition, a lot of code is dragged along, which can often collide with DSGVO compliance. For this reason, we exclusively develop our own templates „from scratch“, i.e. from the first to the last line. This results in the advantage that we know our own products inside out and can adapt them accordingly.

There are really great templates, but adapting these templates yourself is usually not always easy, depending on the scope, or does not usually work the way you would like it to.

For certain demands on a website, such construction kit websites are suitable. The providers of these website construction kits such as Jimdo, Strato, WIX and others basically have a firm raison d’être. Because the small hairdressing salon, the beauty salon or the physiotherapist around the corner are sufficiently served with this offer. However, if you have requirements for your website that go beyond the standard and deviate, you will very quickly reach your limits with these modular solutions.